Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hello Blog! Balance...How do I find that again?

As I think about my life as a teacher, I often think that the struggle to maintain balance is one that I am trying to figure out. It's a good time think about that of course because it's the SUMMER! What a great time to think about it when you don't have deadlines looming over you and the pile of paper isn't staring at you taunting you because you can't remember the last time you touched it. 

I love my job. I love the ups and downs.  When I sit and think about the days when one of my students has had a breakthrough it makes it all worthwhile.

But the question still I have balance? I'm currently training for a half marathon, and I very afraid that I will pass out, break several limbs, lay in the middle of the road rocking in the fetal position because RUNNING...why did I choose to do this?? What possessed me to sign up for a half-marathon when I have no business and skill to do so. I'm currently doing a walk/run method but in the heat of summer?  So we'll see....but it is an attempt to pursue something that feels good after it's over (never during!)

Now the summer is here and I'm tutoring, laying by the pool, trying to run (very slowly, but surely), planning mini-vacations, watching the Bachelorette, and being LAZY! I'm not gonna lie that there is some PD reading and planning in there,.  So here's to balance and hoping everyone out there is getting a hold of some of the same balance that I am looking for! :)

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