Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Day in the Life...for those who say we don't work hard :)

Teaching reminds me of juggling. You walk in the door at the beginning of the day and you are immediately thinking 18 different thoughts... (By the way this is a hypothetical close to life situation. Any resemblance to actual events are just that a resemblance. ;))
  • Do I have all my materials needed for my lessons today?
  • Off to the copier to copy (how many do I need)...oh wait I got stuck at the copier talking to someone about that child in my class that needs some attention.
  • Wait how many copies did I need? Oh shoot I didn't double side it
  • I gotta run to the supply closet cuz I have no tissues for my lil friends who are starting to get sick (yes sick already....I've had 2 so far).
  • Did i write the morning message this morning?  No wait I need to create a Smart Board for Math.
  • Oh I forgot I have to supervise the before school program this morning. A few kids stroll in...thank goodness I got a chai this morning at Starbucks
  • Check my email...
  • ..wait did I do that Smart Board yet?
  • Kids enter the we have a special event this morning (let me check on my outlook calendar)...oh good...wait I have to get them started on writing their morning news this morning.
  • Did they turn in their homework, put away their stuff....wait someone is arguing over whose lego ship that was...have to settle that...
  • Oh shoot it's time to start Morning Meeting...did i finish that smart board...?? I did it yesterday..phew. Ok now to send attendance. wait do I have a dismissal change. 
  • Did I copy homework yet? I better have it ready before 1:30. Let's see I have a half hour break while they are in music. Ok so this ends up being 15 minutes between dropping them off, answering a question from someone, etc.
  • Now I've taught math, taken them out to recess Oh man I just want 2 minutes of adult conversation...but wait we have to talk about how math went this morning. Are we all on the same page for reading...wait did I even eat breakfast this morning?? Time to go in
  • I gotta call that parent back...did I copy....
  • Oh shoot I have a meeting about a committee I'm on..totally forgot, thank goodness my calendar reminder went off
  • Get the kids ready for lunch, but monitor them in the b-room because everyone can hear every little peep in the bathroom from my lil friends who are happily splashing and one is claiming to let me know he was quiet.
  • They eat lunch...oh wait I need to do my read aloud...maybe I can skip today...can we read some more...
  • Rush them out to recess...15 minutes to breath...and eat??
  • Ok I have a meeting again to plan the week...did I copy homework yet? I'll squeeze it in
  • Time for reading...makin sure I'm conferencing with at least 3 children or so each day...
  • On to science...make sure I have all my materials for the projects we are working on..
  • Wait did I forget to send my lil friend down to the front desk...they're waitin outside my door. sorry's ok see you tomorrow lil friend
  • teach science...get back in time to have my friends fill out a newsletter, explain homework...oh no we're gonna be late for dismissal, do my duty...head back to my room,
  • get ready for tomorrow...catch up with co-workers about issue at lunch, plan for back to school night.
  • Is it 5 already? Gotta go to the gym.
  • Did I eat today? Walk in the door and fall asleep dreaming of the 20 emails and phone calls I needed to send.
Hmmm...did I do it justice? Probably not. Most days are much busier than that. :) I don't think I remember sitting all day

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Momma Mac said...

Totally. And yes - many days are even busier than that!