Saturday, September 18, 2010

My New Classroom!

This year I had to move to a new classroom because we added a new section of 2nd grade. We are running out of space in our school. I did get the benefit of moving to a beautiful new classroom. 
The entrance to my classroom. I love the glass doors. My 6 day schedule is located to the left of the doors next to my science and listening center (Daily 5).
A cozy library corner underneath the mural painted by my friend the art teacher. This year I moved I put a few of my book baskets in other parts of the room to avoid all my student "shoppers" from being in the same place.
My small group instruction area. This year I bought plastic book bins for each student to hold books they are reading during independent "Read to Self". I use the Daily Five thanks to my Kindergarten teacher friend. This year I have set up a space behind my small group area to house my guided reading materials as well as our Cafe Menu, which is also adapted from the 2 Sisters (Joan Moser and Gail Boushey).
Supply Shelf with all the fixings. Handwriting without Tears boards and white boards for work during math. This year I added a "sharpen me" jar. :)
A science exploration table and space for anchor charts and content vocabulary. I teach science to all 3 2nd grade sections, so I'm looking forward to having a space to highlight concepts being taught in science. I've never had the space before. :)
Math Supply Shelf with manipulatives. This is just sampling of the set of 2 full shelves we have for all 2nd grade. We also have a math resource room with tons more supplies as well.
I'm slowly building my supply of buddy books for my students to use during "Read to Someone" time. I also house my dictionaries here as well.
The all important game shelf :) Students use these during free choice time and I also use some of these games to support phonics/phonemic awareness skills, grammar, and memory.


Momma Mac said...

I love this! It looks beautiful - welcoming, inviting, and full of busy thinkers' work. I'm so excited you have a blog! I will check back often.

Momma Mac said...

PS How's the spaces and places book?

Mrs. P said...

I love your classroom! I know this post is from a loooooong time ago.. but where did you get your blue and green book boxes? I know I can get them from really good stuff, but was wondering if you had found them cheaper!