Friday, August 26, 2011

Back to School TO-DO never ends!

Well...only 2 more days until my summer vacation is officially over!!  Now I know I shouldn't complain, but saying goodbye is a little sad, but then again I'm really excited for a new school year.  It's been a great summer and starting a new year is always super tiring as all good teachers know.

I am in the process of taking pics of my classroom.  I'll have some before and after pics on Monday.

I've had so much fun being inspired by other teachers and their amazing rooms.

There's something so fun about seeing people you haven't seen all summer but then the weight of "Oh my gosh I have to be ready for students soon!" is also bearing down on you.  I find myself creating a mile long TO-DO list during those meetings.  It's amazing how quickly you forget how much there is to do in the first month!  Does your TO DO list look a little like mine?
  • locker tags
  • cut laminating
  • create plans for 1st 2 weeks
  • organize classroom materials for students
  • distribute math, handwriting, and folders to student desks
  • place students around the room (being conscious of my little friends I'm going to put right next to me :)) 
  • finish 6 to 1 million bulletin boards
    • birthday board
    • math board
    • cafe board
    • daily 5 board
    • morning board (calendar, schedule, days in school, hooked on books)
    • incentive homework board
    • word wall
    • ....i can't remember anymore, but I know there's more
  • create class schedule
  • before school meeting
  • sharing schedule
  • create papers to go home and papers for Ms. Pretzel signs (laminate and mount)
There's probably more, but it's what i got so far.  ;)  The exciting thing is that I've gotten some things off my list!
  • name caterpillars for door
  • laminated posters
  • cut out laminated b'day cupcakes for b'day board (thanks Pinterest!)
  • created 2nd grade memory jar (also thanks to Pinterest) 
  • covered bulletin boards
  • UNPACKED ROOM (library, shelves, supplies)
  • created desk arrangement
You think I would have gotten more done in four days, but I did tutor in there, catch up with people, and have a little bit of a LIFE.  :)  
Well off to enjoy the weekend, prepare for Hurricane Irene, and savor my last few days of vacation!

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