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Number Sense Routines by Jessica Shumway-Post #1

Thanks to Ms. Alley's 2nd Grade blog

Ms. Alley's Class
I picked up Jennifer Shumway's book Number Sense Routines!  Thanks Ms. Alley!

I pulled this video from Stenhouse Publishers where Jessica talks about not only developing mathematical routines to make the thinking visible to all LEARNERS, but how to develop a community of MATHEMATICAL learners.  This fits so well with Responsive Classroom (something I use components of) and frankly the direction most classrooms are using (the idea of building a classroom community).  Love it!!

Some thoughts I've been having so far as I've read:
  • One of the most important piece of my mathematics teaching is my ability to help my students secure their number sense as well as expand and grow those ideas.  
  • Developing confidence in their abilities, helping them to NOT be afraid to take risks or be able to make mistakes (Jessica talks about this above).
  • Have flexible thinking and be able to apply a variety of problem solving strategies.
  • Enable students to explain their thinking and problem solving strategies.
  • Create mathematicians who can use those strategies efficiently and accurately 
I have been using 2 new resources (thanks to our math specialist) in the past few years that have also helped me to deepen my student's mathematical thinking.  ORIGO Box of Facts (to develop greater fact fluency 0-18) and Catherine Fosnot's Context for Learning Units ("Measuring for the Art Show" and "Ages and Timelines"-both for double digit addition and subtraction).  

While these have been fantastic, I have been looking for some ways to continue to develop my student's facility with number sense. We do use Everyday Math's warm-ups and some counting activities (which are embedded in the Context for Learning units) I have found that it isn't enough for my students.  

I have been naturally heading towards a math workshop approach, but have not used it consistently.  We currently have GAME DAY Fridays, which I also use to pull students for more support.  Our math specialists will also work with those students and/or students who need enrichment.  I try to pull in things that will challenge and support my students throughout each lesson, but I know that i can do more.  

Well, that's it for now.  
Thanks for reading!!  

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