Saturday, August 4, 2012

Currently and Number Sense Book Study Post #2

This is only the second time I've linked up for Farley's "Currently", but it's so fun!  Farley is a blog legend in the teaching world and her site is awesome!

I'm so glad that August is here.  For me, that means CAMP is over and I am off for a while until school begins.  Sure, I want to do a little thinking and LOTS of reading before school, but having no schedule is the best!!!

I'm into Chapter 2 in Jessica Shumway's book Number Sense Routine and it's great so far.  It (in my understanding) is focusing on the warm-up section of our math routine.  I am learning about her concept of "Count Around the Circle" and a few others:
  • Choose a counting sequence -for ex: count by 10s starting at 32-and go around the circle as each person says the next number. 
I have been using this method (as I'm sure a lot of people have) for the past few years, but I appreciate her discussion of how it connects ideas for the students and develops their thinking (something I have seen first hand) and extension ideas.  It's always nice to have resources to help me come up with fresh ideas for the students.
A few upcoming routines are the Rekenrek (picture below), Ten Frames, Organic Number Line, Ten Wand, Today's Number, and more!  So far it has been a great read!  Listed next to each item is the purpose, how it helps students, and way to use it or extend it.  Can't wait to learn more.


Miss Doliboa said...

I can understand your want for an Ipad. Last year that was at the top of my wanted list and now I finally have one and love it. So here's hoping you get one.

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Ms. Pretzel said...

We'll see... :) I'm working on it. Glad you like yours. Thanks for following. :)