Saturday, August 11, 2012

DIY Back to School Crafting

I had a little Michael's adventure yesterday and finally got a few things I've been wanting to get based on some Pinterest inspired projects.  I'm not totally sure about them, but love how one turned out.  I was visiting Lindsay from 
I saw she had a super CUTE numbers for her kids to check in.  I wish I could remember, but I saw an idea for the students to put a number magnet up on the board when they turn in their homework each day.  It's like killing 2 birds with one stone, both homework and attendance (since we generally have homework every day).  I think the numbers are too small, but we'll see when I try it out.  
glass pebbles
scrapbook numbers
glue gun
 As you can see the numbers are hard to see.  I may replace them by using signs from Lindsay's site.  
The next project has been floating all over Pinterest.  I love this one from Mrs. Whitehead's "Thoughts from 3rd Grade".  
 I found the piece of wood for 99 cents!  I painted it with Ms. Martha Stewart's paint in blue.  
 Then I found these super cute wood letters and painted them in black chalkboard paint and added blue dots with a pointed stick.  
 Here's the final product.  I added little white buttons on the side and white ribbon to hang.  I haven't added the black clothespins yet, but will when I can get in my classroom next week.  
My next project is duct tape clipboards and a few others!  Exited to get in my room (well kinda) and get going. So MUCH to do.   Good luck everyone!!  Thanks for always inspiring me.  


Lisa R. said...

I love your no name board!! The colors are perfect & it is adorable! :)
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Lindsay said...

Hi my super cute new friend, Ms. Pretzel!! I came on over after I saw your comment on my blog and to my SURPRISE...there was my BUTTON! How sweet are you?!?! I LOVED your "No Name" board...presh!! I'm glad we're new friends!...AND I love your blog...super cute! :)

Ms. Pretzel said...

Thanks Lisa!

Ms. Pretzel said...

Thanks Lindsay!! I'm so glad you are a follower. :)

carriebeez said...

thanks for the follow! I returned the favor, ,and I'm your newest follower!! Love the no-name idea...I might make my own this week!

Carrie :)
The First Grade Derby

Ms. Pretzel said...

Thanks Carrie!! :)

The Hip Teacher said...

You are so crafty! Love your blog and your ideas!

Your newest follower,