Saturday, August 18, 2012

Winner, winner, chicken dinner & BTS Purchases

Can't believe that school is around the corner.  I created my TO DO list (which by the way never seems to end) in my new notebook for the school year and it filled more than 2 full pages.  How does that happen?

A few days ago while I was perusing the many awesome blogs out there for ideas, I ran across Annie Moffat's blog who wrote The Moffat Girls.  She is one of the presenters at the Back to School Teaching Expo (see below).  They have some great speakers and Annie happened to be hosting a ticket giveaway.
The Moffatt Girls
I entered and "winner, winner, chicken, dinner", I won!  So excited!  If you are interested, see below.  It's only $20 and online, which means I can watch them whenever I want, get PD credit, and watch in my PJs if I want.  So excited!!  Thanks Annie!
Annie Moffatt

to me
Hi Laura!

Congratulations!  You are one of the 10 winners for the Back to School Virtual Teaching Expo!  I am sending your info to Steve at Teachers Notebook and you should be getting an email with the information soon! 
I will "see" you there:)

Annie Moffatt
Reading Success
Annie Moffatt from The Moffatt Girls
Research suggests that kids learn best when they are having fun. So how do you make reading both fun and successful for kids? Join Annie Moffatt, author of The Moffatt Girls, as she shares about how to reach all types of learners through hands-on activities that are both fun and engaging. You will also learn how to create a great reading space despite the size of your classroom and/or budget. Most importantly, you will walk away with ideas that can be implemented into any reading program to help kids love the reading journey!
Cara Whitehead
Technology Tools for Teachers
Cara Whitehead from Teaching...My Calling
It is time for back to school, and aren't we are all b-u-s-y? Cara from Teaching...My Calling will introduce you to free technology tools that will make the transition back into the classroom smoother. Your teaching day just became easier with her tips on tools for lesson planning, organization, quiz creation, and classroom management. See examples of how to effectively incorporate these tools to maximize time, make planning effective and to simplify organization. Now you'll be prepared to enter that classroom with time and organization on your side!
Melanie Ralbusky
Classroom Decorating 101
Melanie Ralbusky from Schoolgirl Style
From choosing a cohesive color combination to creating a focal point that will "WOW" everyone that walks into your classroom, Melanie Ralbusky from Schoolgirl Style will show you how to create the classroom of your dreams!
Wise Guys
Classroom Environment and Back to School Procedures
Eric and Brian from Wise Guys
The beginning of the school year is always a nervous time for teachers. How can a teacher keep the students interested and motivated? Are there clear expectations for procedures and daily routines? Join with Brian and Eric from the Wise Guys as they guide you through establishing a positive classroom environment where all students feel welcome and accepted. You'll feel prepared with daily routines that will last the entire year! Find out how time invested in setting up the environment and getting procedures in place, will be returned in increased time spent on student learning and success.
Yvonne Crawford
Creating a Fun Math Environment with Math Journals
Yvonne Crawford from MixMinder
Ever think about using math journals to spice up your math lessons? Yvonne will help you learn the different uses for math journals, how to set up math journals, how to create your own fun math journal prompts, and how to add common core standards to your math journal prompts. With these tips, you'll be able to add a new dimension to your math lessons! Bring on the new year... you've now got a new bag of tips and tricks to make it a success!
On another note, I had a fun trip to the Dollar Spot at Target.  Who doesn't love that.  Here are some of the fun things I found that you might find useful.  
 Fluency Tools ($1 microphones and magic wands).  I would have my students use these while reading to help with tracking.
 Cute little monster balls for my "Calming Caddy".  I have a box with things students can use if they are having trouble paying attention in class or need them for a brain break.
 These are the adorable magnets I found for my homework/attendance check in.  I'll attach numbers or names to them.
There is a great selection of vinyl decals that you can buy and these chalk black and white ones will be great for a variety of labels I need. 
That's all for now!  Off to paint clothespins black....which by the way take a seriously long time.  


Lauren said...

Where did you get your $1 mics??

2nd Grade Teacher
The Sweetest Thing

Ms. Pretzel said...

I got them in the favors section at Target (near the birthdays). I'm pretty sure they were a dollar. I'll double check though.

Deb said...

Thanks for visiting/following my blog! I LOVE the Dollar Store (my husband has threatened to post my picture there, so people will know not to let me in!) You are so right about the "to do" list...just when you think you are caught up, there are always new things to add to that list. Ahhh...the joy of teaching. Happy back to school! :)