Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Anchor Charts and lots of THANKS!

I can't believe it's been almost 10 days since I last posted.  I don't know how the other bloggers do it!!  I  do want to be more consistent with my blog, but it is hard.  :)

This week has been really fun with my little bugs!  We have started to get some routines down and I'm watching them blossom every day.  There are so many analogies you can make to what having a classroom feels like, but right now (in my tired state) it feels like...

I am playing that "tilting marble game".  Has anyone ever played it? You have to balance the whole board to make it work and get your marbles to the other side.  There's all these little holes to stop you along the way, but if you're patient and move the board carefully and thoughtfully you can get to the other side....
Do I even have to say more??  :)

Anyways, here are some anchor charts and some awesome goodies from various teachers across the blogworld I am lucky to have used this year!  I'm gonna put some more up later this week, but here's a few.  :)

 Thank you Cara Carroll for these awesome Schedule Cards!  I had one of my former students say "Hey, we didn't have that last year!  I love those!"  Too cute!"  :)
This is something I'm SUPER excited about this year.  My co-teacher has created this awesome mini-unit for our 2nd graders to help them set growth goals 4 times a year.  We use pieces of Responsive Classroom at our school and each year we work on our "Hopes and Dreams".  The idea is to build on that concept by talking about how they are "growing" each day whether it be for a social/emotional area or academic area.  It has been a really neat experience.  More to come!  
Love the 2 Sisters-The Daily 5 and The Cafe.  We are currently in our 2nd week of working through the beginning units on I-PICK, 3 Ways to Read a Book, Read To Self (building stamina), and Book Shopping (which I'm excited to chat more about later).  Tomorrow we will start working on "Check for Understanding, Back Up and Reread, and then move into Cross Check and Tune Into Interesting Words".  My kids are dying to start Read to Someone as well.  My co-teacher and I have been doing this for a couple of years now and it has really changed the way we structure and manage reading behaviors.  It is amazing!!!  We continue to tweak it and we don't use every piece, but it works for us.  
 Teacher Tipster rocks!  I love his style.  I don't use everything, but he offers so many little tips that are fantastic.  We are loving his "Line Up" chant this year and my kids can't get enough of the "Silly-Brations".  Click here for Silly-Brations explanation and here for the Line up chant!  He has another line up chant if this one isn't your style.  
Thank you to Ladybug Files (Kristen) for these super cute Cafe Cards from the Daily Cafe (The 2 Sisters).  I love the look of them.  I also am using her V.O.I.C.E. cards for Writing.  Her style is so clean and cute!   Can you believe these files are free!!
My little Read to Self chart.  I have my "barometer" kids read this when they need a little reminder and it really helps.  :)  There is a lot of review for everyone in the beginning.  I'm always amazed at their ability to build stamina for reading behaviors when you model it, lay it out clearly, and set goals with them.  It seems so simple, but being patient with the process is key to making it work.    
 Bucket Filling and Bucket Dipping is such a nice compliment to the Class Promise idea.  We had fun brainstorming ideas together.  It is funny when you hear kids say, "Hey, we're being bucket fillers!"  
 Got the idea for this goodie here on Pinterest!  This teacher used it as an attendance chart, but I find it helpful to be a homework chart.  It ends up helping with attendance too.  The stickers for their homework charts are in the bottom left corner.  They are doing a great job with this routine so far!  
 Love visual directions.  I made a new set with more, but I just have to print them!  Laziness.  These are from...oh gosh...can't remember, but I'll find out!  
 Subway art is such a great idea.  These are from Hope King at 2nd Grade Shenanigans.  One day one of my little bugs turned to another little bug who has being hard on themselves and said, "Hey look, the poster says, No one is perfect!  That is why pencils have erasers!  Go for it.  You can do it!"  I think I read the poster once, but thank you Hope for the ROCKIN chevron and wonderful messages for my sweet bugs.  They really use it!!  
Hope everyone is well!!  Love to hear from you!!  


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