Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mini-Year Long Unit on Goals for Students and a Freebie!

Did everyone see Deanna Jump on CNN?  So amazing!!  I remember when I first bought one of her units on dinosaurs.  Congratulations Deanna!  Click her name and check out her amazing blog "Mrs. Jump's Class". 

Happy Fall everyone!  I'm excited to share another goodie that I just finished and a freebie.  I mentioned in a previous post that an awesome co-teacher of mine was inspired by our school's discussion of Carol Dweck's Mindset.  If you haven't checked it out, you should.  It has some interesting points to make about human's approach to learning, relationships, business, education, etc.  ]

We always do Hopes and Dreams in my class and this year we decided (as a 2nd grade team) to approach our lesson by calling them "growth goals" instead.  She came up with the phrase "How Did You Grow Today?"  With her permission I ran with it and have created a yearlong mini-unit that you can use in your classroom to do the same thing.  Click HERE to check it out!   
  I included pics from my class  in the file as well as a few bulletin board ideas and materials to put on them.  The goal setting process can happen monthly or seasonaly.  I can see this applying to any subject area or any grade depending on how you use it.  We are using it seasonally, but wanted to offer to those of you who thought you could use it monthly.  I'd love to hear what you think.  What would you add?  How could it work in your class? 

I'm also linking up a freebie that I just started using called VISUAL DIRECTIONS cards.  I'm sure lots of you have various versions out there.  Click HERE if you want them.  I have really loved using them.  I've in the past ended up drawing pictures or putting some version up on the white board or Smartboard, but this is an easy permanent way to use them.  Theycan be used with your little kiddos so they can remember what materials they might need.  I laminated them so I can write on them  too. 

Enjoy!  I'm working on a few other ideas to put up (Solids and Liquids Unit and an ABC Writing mini-unit that we use in my class), so let me know if you have feedback.  I'm still so new to the TpT world. 

Thanks so much!


Carol Redmond said...

Mindset is a great book! It really changes the way you think! Congrats on using it in your classroom.

Ms. Pretzel said...

Thanks Carol! We're enjoying it. :)

Momma Mac said...

Love it! You rock, chica!