Saturday, November 23, 2013

Daily 5, CAFE, and Reading Workshop

Hi everyone! (o.k., not sure anyone reads this blog since I have done such a poor job of updating it)  I hope everyone is having a great weekend!  I'm looking forward to the upcoming holidays and I broke down and decorated for Christmas today.  I've decided I can't wait any longer.  Even the Holiday movies are out on the table.  

Before I talk about Reader's Workshop, here are two little random things I wanted to share. One is some more schedule cards I made to go with Cara Carroll's First Grade Parade's cards.  It was fun to make some that matched specific events for our school.  I love her style! I hope she doesn't mind.    

The other is that my amazing co-teacher created these BEAUTIFUL murals on rural, suburban, and urban communities with our grade.  Enjoy!

As an update, I wanted to share some pieces from my Reader's Workshop.  I've really enjoyed trying out some new things this year, learning from others (thanks fellow bloggers), reading new literacy books, and continuing to use my favorites!

My workshop varies from day to day, but generally it has these components for our 2nd grade lesson.  Our literacy block generally lasts for an hour and half each day.  We have reading for an hour and then we break into Word Study groups for a half hour 3 days a week. We also have a Writer's Workshop and Grammar block.  

Reader's Workshop:

  • Phonics/Phonemic Awareness (use components of Making Words and Month by Month Phonics for 2nd Grade).  
    Anchor chart to help reinforce short vs. long vowels/"bossy" /e/
    I'm doing my best to add 4-5 words to our "Heart Word Wall" a week.  They add them to their Word Wall Books (Thanks Foxwell Forrest!), play games with the words, chant them, air write them, add them to our Heart Word Rings (for practice), etc.  I've been using some games from Amy Lemon's Sticking to the Sight Words. My favorite is the Tic-Tac Toe game.  :) 
    Monthly Themed Word Wall-Thanks Erica Bohrer!

    I just remade cards to use for a variety of activities.  These cards represent all the graphemes in the English language.  (although I'm sure I missed some).
    Each card shows examples of how the sounds are spelled in a variety of words or how the letter makes a variety of sounds.  
    Making Words Activity-Mini Pocket Chart/Each student gets a set of cards for the first day, we sort the words by common patterns on the second day, and do a transfer encoding activity at the end of the week.
    Dice for "Roll A Word" for building words
    Onset and Rime Magnets
    Shared writing and rhyme collection/including nonsense words.  I used the cards above for this activity.
  • Comprehension Work-use components of Cafe from the Two Sisters for goal setting with students, Debbie Miller's Reading with Meaning for comprehension strategy teaching in second grade.
    O.k. I have to admit that my co-teacher found these super cute cards for the Cafe Menu.  It made it easy to remind myself what we needed to cover, but one of my colleagues just got back from the Daily Five/Cafe conference and reminded me that the kids should create the cards.  This is to give them more ownership when I am goal setting with them.  I've been using Cafe and Daily Five for about 5 years now (not purely, just trying to add more pieces each year).  I LOVE it and it has transformed my teaching!!  
    I had each student choose their favorite strategy we've worked on so far and I have to kick myself for not having them create these cards because they are SOOO much better coming from them.  I absolutely LOVE what they created.  The only prompt I gave them was that they should come up with a way to show others what that strategy means.  These are the comprehension cards.  We have more to create since I am starting a little late, but I can't wait to see what they will make.  
    Accuracy Cards:  This is a moment where you think...Wow, maybe they are getting it!!  
    Fluency Cards
    Expanding Vocabulary cards:  Love the little radio!  
    A list of Mini-Lessons:  I have been so BAD at keeping this up to date.  Too much to do! This cute sheet is from Lesson Plan SOS's Ultimate Reading Binder.  It's awesome!
  • Author and Genre Studies-We've done Mo Willems and we always do Robert Munsch near the end of the year-great for 2nd grade!.  The genres we study are (in order) realistic fiction, fantasy, tall tales, fables, fairy tales, non fiction informational, biographies/autobiographies, poetry, and mysteries.  It's a nice guide for overall instruction and gives students a great frame to explore books at their level.  
    Love these cute Genre Posters from Ladybug Teacher Files!
    This helps us stay on pace with what we want to do for mini-lessons.  We meet as a grade about one to two times a month to introduce a new genre or an author study.  :)   
  • Daily Five (2 sisters) overall management for the literacy block
    Daily Five Anchor Charts
    Just Right Books for my Reading group that are on their level.  I am still trying to figure out how to keep my readers in "just right books".  We do a TON of teaching on "just right" books in the beginning of the year, have check-ins, individual conferring, etc., but my group tends to choose books that are too hard for them.  I am trying to be better about more consistent book box check-ins.  I'm really interested in reading No More Independent Reading Without Support by Debbie Miller.   

    Book Box Contents-independent reading books, guided reading books, reading notebook, toobaloos (for some), and other reading tools.  We were working on Poppleton in Guided Reading for this student.  She was practicing checking her predictions and retelling with details.  It's a little messy right now.  We're still working on hole-punching our stuff.  There's just so much good stuff going on.  Who has time for organization??
    Directions for Listen to Reading...I know the list seems long, but we just started.  I just got those listen to reading response sheets from..I can't remember right now, but I will find them.  :)  Thank you!  
  • Words Their Way for Word Study.  My group is working on securing their knowledge of short vs. long vowels and we are reviewing how "bossy e" or "magic-e" affects the vowels.  

  • Writing:  Lucy Calkin's Units of Study We're working on Small Moments right now.  Narrative writing is so much fun, but it's a tough skill for students to "zoom in" on a small moment.  :)  We've found that it takes a LOT of practice. 
    This is our anchor chart for "Small Moment" writing.  We used a book that we had already read (Alexander's Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst) and "zoomed in" on the page where Alexander was destroying his father's office with his brothers.  :)  We have spent a few lessons teaching the kids how to "zoom in" on a small moments.  You can see above that there was some revising going on.  The orange post-its represent their edits.  
    A "watermelon" story organizing "seed stories" from the same vacation.  My kids are working on this graphic organizer and next we'll start planning across our fingers and then across the pages.  
  • Assessment:  We use DRA, Phonographix, Fountas and Pinnell Sight Words, Vocabulary In Context Checks (still working on finding ones that are best for 2nd), Independent Writing Reponses, Individual Conferring, Running Records, and the Nonsense Word List to help guide our instruction.  
  • Guided Reading:  I have loved Jan Richardson's The Next Step in Guided Reading book to help me structure this part of my day.  :)
My Reading Teacher box (we all have them right).  I've been so inspired by so many teachers in the blogosphere!  
Some reading tools we use....or that I forget to use at times...:)
More tools...My kids were excited about our new dry erase markers.  No need for traveling to get erasers. 

I just started this tracking sheet this year.  It's really helped so far.  
I keep a copy of this in my notebook to refer to.  (from Jan Richardson's book)
Great resource for conferring!  From the 2 Sisters.

If you read this far...YOU ROCK!!  I'm incredibly grateful for all that I learn from all the amazing bloggers out there and literacy geniuses (including my colleagues!).    Happy Thanksgiving!!


Momma Mac said...

My lady - this is amazing. Love the up close shots of the resources you use in your room - you are a master-juggler of ideas, my friend!

Jocelyn said...

Your classroom looks fabulous! Love all of the reading stuff!!

Anonymous said...

This is great. Thank you so much! I was just hired as a second grade teacher and this will help tremendously.