Thursday, August 28, 2014

Back to School Stories (a.k.a. "Frozen")

"A picture is worth a thousand..." could I complete that sentence?  Or better yet,  how would you complete that statement?

First let me package the following statements by saying that I have had so much fun being back with friends at school.  It's so nice to see everyone and catch up and that makes my week so bright and happy.  :)

I put a few pics below to represent my week.

Highlight of the Week's Events:

1.  I may or may not have had a fight with a door that never wants staples put in it...seriously can someone come and help me? :)
2  I may have wrestled some Fadeless Paper to the ground and yelled at it saying, "Why won't you cooperate with me?"  (I guess I didn't actually wrestle it, but there were some words exchanged. :))
3. I may or may not have put up several of my new Classroom Library Labels and had half of them fall off within a half hour, because I forgot to use stronger tape.
4.  There were several times I stared off into space in my room thinking about all I had to do.  I was literally (in honor of the famous Disney movie) FROZEN.  Could it be that my brain couldn't fit any more information?  The funniest part was that when I went two doors down I saw one of my co-teachers standing in the middle of the room doing the same thing.  :)

What's your back to school story?

The pics below probably represent lots of us in those first few weeks of school and what it takes to transform a space.  In case you're curious about my pics below, we moved out over the summer and my co-teachers and I thought it would be funny to take a picture of the boxes pile.  It's funny now, but it wasn't so funny when we were trying to break the boxes down.  "Box #152, Box #153, Box #154....5,000 to go."  (I might be exaggerating about how many boxes we broke down, but we do have some scars on our hands to prove our hard word).  Needless to say, these are the prices you pay to enjoy a grand new and amazing space, but it's fun to be a bit over dramatic about the process.
Box Central :) 
After a long day, headed to Lakeshore to fight off the crowds to find some borders, poster boxes, and black fadeless paper. They were out of the "lots of dots blue border" and 1-200 chart for one of my co-teachers.  
My never-ending pile of lamination on my floor at home.  :)

Good luck everyone as you prepare for the kiddos or are already teaching away.    

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