Friday, August 22, 2014

Five For Friday

I haven't joined Doodle Bugs Teaching before, but it seems like a great way to show some snapshots from the week and see what's going on in the lives of all the other great bloggers out there!  Well, as a friend of mine said, "Even if you're not in meetings, once you step into the building school has started".   How true that is!  Your brain is going a million miles a minute thinking of all the things you need to accomplish.  So here is my pic for the week.  This is what my room looks like today.  We've been going through some construction so we all had to move out but with some great help today I'm sure we'll get it done in no time!  
This week I had fun revamping my Writing and Literacy Conferring Notebooks (see HERE for more deets) and I ended up creating a few materials for more TpT shop (click HERE or the picture for the link).  They are simple, but after using versions that were similar I just updated them so they would work for my needs.  Hopefully it's helpful to someone out there.  My favorite part is the planning calendar.  I started using it last year to keep track of meeting with my kiddos.  It was a great way to see how consistent I was and how often I met with certain students.  
I have an amazing friend who is an incredible artist.  The other day I was out her house catching up  and she was telling me about these texture boards she made for her son.  She used a variety of fabrics that would be stimulating and interesting and he LOVES it!  She used sewing hoops to hold them in place.  She's also a savvy shopper so she got many of the fabrics at super low prices at fabric stores.  
Another project I worked on was some new birthday signs.  I was inspired by Hope King's subway art (click her name for the link) but wanted to adapt it to my own colors and style.  But I also want to make sure to acknowledge my inspiration.  :)  
I also had a great week catching up with a good friend!  We had an awesome night of chatting and eating yummy sushi!  
Next week it's back to school for inservice meeting.  I have one week to transform the space above, so I'm hoping I can make it happen.  :)  More than anything I'm excited to catch up with friends and get ready for my new set of kiddos!  


Susan K. said...

Hi Laura. I found you on the link up. I love sushi, too, but I only eat the vegetarian kind. I love your friend's art work. Next week, we'll both be getting our classrooms ready - it sure is a lot of work! Happy weekend!

Tales and Teacherisms said...

What are texture boards used for?

Also, that sushi looks delicious!!!


Ms. Pretzel said...

Thanks Susan!

My friend uses him with her young son and the texture boards are meant to encourage him to try out the feel of the different textures. He really likes it. It's like another version of those "taggy" blankets. A lot of moms also use the vocabulary associated with the textures to increase their language skills. :)