Saturday, September 6, 2014

Classroom Tour 2014-2015--Photo Overload! :)

It's a little late, but I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday today.  :)

Whew!  The first week is over and my little BUGS are officially here.  We were busy establishing routines (there's a lot to cover!) and getting to know one another.  They are a busy and fun bunch this year and I'm looking forward to learning about them each day.
I wanted to share some views of my classroom this year.  I went for a simple blue and black theme with splashes of color here and there.  I definitely wanted to incorporate red since that is our school color as well.  Here goes...
A BEFORE PICTURE (we had to move out this summer because of construction):
This is standing at the FRONT DOOR looking in.  My room size was actually expanded this year and the back section is BRAND NEW!  It's pretty exciting and I have an adorable nook for my classroom library this year.
This is a picture of my Morning Meeting Wall.  I just made the calendar pieces and am working on finishing the set soon.  I really like how they turned out.  I think my month headers need to be a bit larger, but other than that I really enjoyed making them.  Stay tuned to see them in my store.  :) 
My schedule cards are from Cara Carroll (click her name for the link).  I really enjoy them and have added a few of my own.  The posters on the left are from Babbling Abby and Hope King
(click their names for the links)!  
A view of my Math wall, location of where my Reading anchor charts will go, and the top 3 boards are for our growth goals.  You can check out my "How Did you Grow?" activities here.  
A view of my classroom job chart this year.  I made each child a circle with a bug on it that I use throughout the classroom for different purposes.  I stuck them on popsicle sticks and used library pocket holders for each one.  You can check out my job chart here on TpT.  

My Word Wall this year.  I use the term "heart words" that I think I got from the 2 Sisters (Joan Moser & Gail Boushey), thus the reason for the hearts.  I used the heart die cuts for each circle.
I'm trying a new way to track my snacks this year.  Each child gets a magnet and moves it to what they would like for snack or lunch each day.  We end up using it more during lunch time and it saves me the step of having to collect it each day.  
This is the way I keep track of who brought in their homework each day.  It's a nice way to see it visually and build responsibility for the students.  I also have homework charts that they fill up each month to build motivation.  I created the headers and the numbers are from Hope King!

 This is where I house my Brain Break cards, fidgets, soft blanket, and other tools for students.  I just introduced this box this week and my students have begun to try them out to see what works for them.  It's always a balancing act making sure those fidgets or tools are the appropriate choice for them, but that is all part of an ongoing conversation and it's fascinating to watch which ones they choose.  As long as I am checking in with them and helping them reflect on what is working well, it seems to go well.  The other box is filled with "Character Building" books I've collected.  I'd love to keep building it, but the book in front is a brand new one that I learned about from our school counselors last year.  Great book!  (Don't Squeal Unless It's a Big Deal by Jeanie Ransom)

My favorite new little nook...the Classroom Library!  :)  I should have taken another picture, but it's tucked away in the back of the room and is quite cozy.  I made new Library Book Labels this year and I put all my fiction books (with a few exceptions in this area). My non fiction are in another part of the room, which actually creates more space for shopping for books.   
A view of the library on the right side (opposite the window).
Another new favorite area is this rolling cart I got from IKEA.  It's where I house my reading materials (pointers, highlighters, pencils, markers, highlighters, timers, guided reading books, etc.  It's also the location of my Daily 5 rotation chart.
My guided reading table and view of my next door neighbor/teacher buddy/teacher extraordanaire!  Im hoping to grab some pics of my co teachers classrooms, because they have some super cute classes that are amazing!  Those are three content area word walls on the doors (science, social studies, and grammar).  
This is also an area I haven't had room for in the past.  It's a listening center for my kiddos right in front of my desk.  :)  

The last 2 pics are of my student supply centers.  :)  Whew!  Hope you enjoyed the tour!  


Sandy Welch said...

This is one of the most beautifully organized rooms I've ever seen, and I'm old! Wow!

Ms. Pretzel said...

Thanks Sandy! That is so kind of you. I can't say that it will stay that way for ever since the kiddos are enjoying the space now, but it's fun to set up a place that has the intention of staying as organized as possible. I really loved seeing your blog title (and reading your blog)! It was such a cute idea!! :)