Saturday, September 20, 2014

Five for Friday (Saturday edition)

Thanks Doodle Bugs for a great link party!  I'm linking up for Five for Friday again (on Saturday).  

Routines, routines, routines

That was my theme for this past week.  We spent a lot of time just focusing on how to get from place to place, how to find a "just right" spot, how to put away materials, how to share (as I call it) the "talking space", and how to be "bucket filers".  Even though we introduced all those things previously, we worked on refining them this week.  I have to say that I was really impressed with how hard they worked.  It may not come easy to them, but they certainly worked super hard!
We began our Solids and Liquids unit this week.  :)  I started by talking to them about their SCHEMA by comparing their brains to a "filing cabinet".  We talked about that when we activate our SCHEMA we are pulling out the information we have stored about a topic.  You can see that as we collected ideas there was some disagreement and confusion since it's a new topic.  I talked about MISCONCEPTIONS and that as we study we will find out whether our SCHEMA is correct (revising our SCHEMA).  I circled those words below that were ones the students disagreed upon or I wanted to highlight.  
Next week we'll explore 4 types of solids and share our observations with one another.  We'll begin collecting interesting vocabulary as well as add to our vocabulary.  You can check out some of the tools I use in my Solids and Liquids unit here.  
In Reading we are "knee deep" into our Daily 5 and CAFE introduction.  We have completed a full launch of both Read to Self and Read to Someone.  They are doing a great job.  We are still working on picking "just right" books, but as I continue to check in with them they become more skilled at the job.  My favorite quote from a reading interview I did this week was after I asked the question, "Do you prefer to read alone or with a buddy?"  They said, "I like reading with a partner because I can listen to someone else read and help them if they need it and then they can do the same for me."  :)  LOVE it!  

These are a few pictures from my teaching pal next door.  We teach together as a team (all 3 2nd grades) for some of our Daily 5 and CAFE introductory lessons.  It's been so much fun.  Our lessons so far have included:

  • Picking a "Just Right" book 
  • Daily 5 Launching
  • Check for Understanding
  • Back Up and ReRead
  • Cross Check
  • Tap out the Sounds
  • Tune Into Interesting Words
I took a pic of her super cute "Tune Into Interesting Words" poster above.  She read the book Dex, the Heart of a Hero by Caralyn Buehner to the class and we collected interesting words along the way.  After the lesson I had my kids take post-its with them for Read to Self and collect interesting words.  I was impressed with the words they collected.  Some of them collected words they weren't sure of, which turned out to be interesting words.  It will be fun to see them collect these all year.  
This week in Math we have been reviewing our knowledge of coins and coin combinations.  The bubble maps below I think are originally from Cara Carroll a few years ago.  We collected the ideas ourselves (this chart was in progress) and then transferred our ideas to the bubble maps.  On Friday we played "Coin Top-It" with our deck of money cards, on the Smart Board, Freefall Math on the iPads, and a few independent practice sheets.  
We also launched our Writer's Workshop this week.  I think Writing might be my favorite thing to teach.  I love Reading almost as much...(o.k. and everything else) but there's something so special about watching the second graders grow in their writing through the year.  The poster ideas came from none other than Cara Carroll again.  I used a bunch of her ideas to launch it and then in addition we also did some work with collecting writing ideas which I got from Amanda at One Extra Degree.  
Have you read The Best Story by Eileen Spinelli yet?  I read this book before launching Heart Maps.  It is an incredibly touching story about writing.  I'm pretty sure I wiped a tear away at the end.  I was just picturing my writers come up with their own stories and feeling good about it.  My kiddos this year were SUPER excited about their heart maps (even some of my reluctant writers).  I was so glad to see that they how quickly they could connect to the topic of things in their heart map.  Below is a cute display of books from my teaching pal.  They are books that she or I have used this month.  
I had fun popping over to my teaching pal's room this week and taking some photos.  It's fun to see all the amazing things she does with her students!  We've been teaching together for over 6 years now in 2nd grade and I am so lucky to collaborate with her.  She's one of the most organized people I know!  She's also a wonderful story teller.  The kids are always so captivated when she reads!  
One neat thing she created was this Sharing Sheet above.  It makes our sharing time easy-peasy.  We have the kids sign up 5 a week and they can share once a week.  Then they mark off that they signed up so that the next week they don't sign up again.  We leave it up to them to sign up or not and the management is easy.  It works for 2nd graders who are a bit more independent.  There are a few times I have encouraged a few of my reluctant friends, but for the most part people are excited about it.  
Not to self-promote, but I was so excited to see my pal using my classroom jobs I created on TpT.  She created a cute reusable poster and it looks great!  :)  Thanks OGP!  Happy Saturday!  


Carol Davis said...

What an incredibly busy week you had! I love everything you posted- especially the Science lesson.
Teachers Are Terrific!

Chelsey West said...

I love your charts, especially the new words chart! What a great idea!!

Ms. Pretzel said...

Thanks Carol! I'm excited to check out your Science resources. Have a great week.

Thanks Chelsey! I'm planning on posting to your link party in a bit. Thanks for the opportunity to share stuff. :) Hope your week goes well!