Sunday, October 5, 2014

October Fun and a Calendar Set

Fall is here and I'm excited!  It's always been my favorite holiday and I have to say that the arrival of October means that the dreaded month of September is over.  Here are a few snapshots from some fall decorating I did.  :)  Joann Fabric's was having a great sale!
While it is fun to get to know my students and adjust to the routines, October feels as if we are finally in the swing of things.  

This past week we celebrated Johnny Appleseed's birthday with our annual apple tasting, graphing, and other fun activities!  I also received our first Scholastic order.  The kids ordered some great ones and here is a snapshot of them below.  
Have you heard of the Branches?  Scholastic has released a set of books that are not early leveled readers, but not chapter books either.  It's a nice bridge between the two.  Click the link below to find out more.  :)  
On another note, I was getting tired of my old Calendar Sets and decided to create my own.  I wanted it to incorporate patterns the kids could recognize and extend (AB, ABA, AABB, ABCDE, ABB, etc.) while also with cute fonts and style.  (that was my hope) :)  
Because I know people might not want to overhaul their whole calendar set I'm offering the holiday and birthday cards at a cheaper price HERE.  The whole set includes school event cards as well HERE.  
*THE FIRST 3 PEOPLE THAT COMMENT BELOW will get a FREE copy of the whole set.  
I would love any feedback you might have or other cards you think would be worth adding.  
Happy October everyone!  


Momma Mac said...

Ahhh! I'm first! Yay! Hip hip! Can you send a set to Hong Kong? yes please! Love these. Missing you, my friend. BTW your fall deco looks great.

Ms. Pretzel said...

Will do Mac! :) On it's way!

Peggie Montgomery said...

I would like a copy