Sunday, November 2, 2014

Christmas in November Sale :) and a Currently!

If you haven't checked out FARLEY @ OH BOY FOURTH GRADE, you should!  She has a great style of writing her posts.  :)

Join her at the link party here!  
I learned something new about this year.  While I can't stand the fact that Christmas commercials have already started, I do LOVE this time of year and I'm not at all mad that Christmas movies are on TV.  The other thing about my love of Christmas movies is that I think "the cheesier the better!"  I like the ones from Hallmark (well most), ABC Family, and all the classics.  
I've been trying to collect them over the years (see pic above...this is just half), and I keep losing them.  I think I have some family members who keep kidnapping them and claiming them as their own.  Not surprisingly, my copy of ELF is always missing.  :)  

So in the spirit of Christmas Movies in November (cheesy and all!) I'm offering my Polar Express Activities for SALE from today until Wednesday, November 5th.  Enjoy!  :) Have a great week! 


C said...

You and my husband would get along well -- he thinks the earlier Christmas decor/music/festivities can start, the better! You mentioning Christmas lists makes me realize I need to get started on mine... yikes. So many to buy for, so little time/money! :)

~ Candice from Innovate. Motivate. Educate.

C said...

Oh, and RE: your comment on my blog:

Um, I think we need to talk more often... We could swap 2nd grade science ideas! {What? I'm not nerdy at all. :) }

Thanks so much for the Pinterest board link! I'm following!

Laura said...

Aw hey Laura! :) (Love the name, hehe) I actually LOVE Christmas movies and everything about Christmas too! It is early, but I just love the joy it brings people :)
I will try for 4 days working out too... here's hoping!

Ms. Pretzel said...

Thanks for the comments Candice! I'm glad that the Pinterest board may be helpful. :)

Laura...Yay! Great name!! Good luck on the working out! I have a few friends that I workout with that keeps me a bit motivated but in the cold it is hard. :) I'm sending you good vibes for the week.

Thanks for the comments!

Cait said...

Always love reading your blog! I do think the commercials and store decorating for Christmas is too early, but I am ready for all the holiday music! Good luck with your workout goal for the week! That's what I need to be doing!!

Ms. Pretzel said...

Thanks Cait!!