Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March "Currently"

It's time to link up with Oh Boy 4th Grade's monthly "Currently"!  Check it out here.  
I just finished watching The Bachelor "The Women tell All".  Yes I got sucked in this season (who am I kidding...I watch it most seasons) and it was a good one.  I missed the beginning of the season and Ashley S...If you missed it like I did, it might be worth watching here.  For real? or not?  If you like the Bachelor, check out Sheaffer's blog (Pinterest Told Me To) here.  She is hilarious and blogs about recaps of the show.   She also blogs about clothes that are adorable and affordable!  (*Thanks CP for sharing her blog with me!)
On another note, we may be getting several inches here tomorrow.  I'm good with it if we get a snow day, but I"m praying this is the last snow event of the season.  Isn't everyone just feeling cold and tired of it all?  

Ready for Spring Break in 14 days!  :) 

Have a great Wednesday everyone! 


Stephanie said...

I used to watch The Bachelor as well. Isn't it crazy how we can get sucked in so easily? haha. I am currently hooked on the Voice. I have enjoyed browsing your blog. :)
A Touch of Class

Barbara said...

It's hard to believe that some people are still getting snow days. I live in Victoria BC and it's definitely spring time here. At last:)

Take care.

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Grade ONEderful

*Eden* said...

Yay! Another DC teacher! I am so happy that we are having a snow day tomorrow. I personally love the cold weather. Hot weather makes me ill lol. Thanks for the follow!

Ms. Pretzel said...

Thanks for the comment Eden. :) Hope you had a nice snow day!

Kelly Teaching Fourth said...

Hi Laura! I love your new blog design! It is adorable! I, too, loved Megan and found that she could almost read my mind (but her thoughts were even better than I imagined!

Teaching Fourth

Emily Peden said...

So tired of the snow and ice and I live in TN!!!!