Friday, July 24, 2015

Birthday Sale and Classroom Design Planning

Just a quick announcement for my TpT store here...
Here are a few BACK TO SCHOOL products you might be interested in... (Freebies and Paid)
School Year Calendar Set--You can also purchase just the special event cards here in my store.  
 Monthly Themed Homework Passes--You can buy them individually if you only want one month here.  
Anyone have ideas for their classroom theme or colors this year?  Here's my bit of inspiration below.  Hope to purchase a few things from Melanie over at SchoolgirlStyle.  If you haven't checked her out yet, you should!  She's got tons of great ideas and themes.   
My purchases so far: 
Found these cute chalkboard jars at Target in the dollar section.
 The letters are also from Target and I just painted them ladybug red.  The hangers and little wood art plaque is also from Target.  
My co-teacher also found some super cute borders from Creative Teaching Press.  It works great with the design I'm hoping to pull off.  :) There are a bunch of other choices too.  Check them out!   
Love to hear other's ideas about design for their classroom this year!  Or hopefully you're just enjoying your summer!!  

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