Sunday, August 9, 2015

A little Sunday Scoop linkup

Linking up with the gang at the Teaching Trio for their...
3 Things...
I've been doing my best to stay consistent with blogging, TpT, etc.  I think the best thing about it all is  the benefit that I gain from collaborating with others and sharing tips back and forth.  I'm looking forward to another school at the end of the month, but I'm also super excited to have connected with so many new teaching blog friends.  

A few that are new to me and have been awesome to learn from: 
--great, practical tips!
Lucky Little Learners
--love that she is a 2nd grade teacher, so encouraging, and hosts great Periscopes
Schroeder Shenanigans In 2nd
--Mrs. Olson's blogging buddy--they both host awesome linky parties and do such a great job collaborating with others!  Love her!

There are lots more, but these are a few I cam across recently that I was unfamiliar with.  
Recently I've been working hard updating my products on TpT and doing my best to make them fresh.  This one below is one that I have tweaked and updated.  I have made sure to create a more clear, concise running record form and added lots more options for Reading Notebook covers below that are EDITABLE.  ;)  Click the pictures below for the link. 
Lastly, 2 things and 1 thing both focus on spending time with family and continuing to take care of myself.  As the summer slowly (or should I say a little too quickly!) winds down, I am enjoying as much time as I can with family and friends.  
Hope you all are doing the same!  
All the best!


Jen said...

Hi Laura,

I found your blog through the Sunday Scoop linky party. I started the C25K program once, but didn't follow through with it. (Had some family things come up and fell off the wagon.) I'm hoping to start back at the gym this week, but the C25K program is something I definitely want to give another shot sometime. Do you follow a yoga program that's an app, like C25K? Or is it something different?

Ms. Pretzel said...

Hi Jen,

Thanks for commenting! :) I have been using 30 day Yoga by Adrienne. The link is here; She has a website too that will send you daily reminders about doing the yoga. I enjoy her! She's cracks me up but I have learned a lot from her.

Have a great weekend!