About Me

Hey everyone!
My name is Laura (Ms. Pretzel) and I live in Northern Virginia but am lucky enough to teach in our nations capital, Washington, D.C.  I have taught 2nd grade (my favorite) for the past 7 years!  I'm about to start my 11th year (wow!) at my current school but have been in the field for 13.
After graduating I started out in Early Childhood working with 3s and 4s.  Then I moved on to teaching Prekindergarten.  I have such a HUGE appreciation and admiration for my fellow Pre Primary teachers.  It such an amazing time to be a part of in a child's life and I had a blast.  It was EXHAUSTING though!  :)  I spent 3 years in Prekindergarten and I have found that the things I learned as a Pre-K teacher have been a huge benefit to me as a 2nd grade teacher.  I went back to get my Masters in Elementary Education while teaching 2nd (in fact I think I started in my 1st year teaching 2nd grade....) and finished in 2009.

I have truly enjoyed teaching 2nd grade!  There's rarely a day that I'm not excited to get to work and see my students.  I may be tired on certain days, but I learn so much from my students and enjoy learning and growing just like my students.

I started blogging in 2012 as a way to connect with other teachers and share some of the fun things I was seeing in my classroom.  I really enjoy making videos featuring my students as a way to teach them and enhance their learning.  One of my favorite videos is a Prekindergarten video we made where the students lost the class mascot in the school (cue James Bond music).  I have to say I was inspired by Beth Newingham and her super cute videos.  From there I continued to learn and grow from so many other teachers in the "blogosphere".  Thank you Cara Carroll, Amy Lemons, Hope King, Abby Mullins, Sarah Mackenzie, and the list goes on and on...!  I have a lot more I want to learn as a teacher, but also a blogger.  I am working on staying more consistent, because the documentation that comes from blogging regularly allows me a window into my own teaching (good, bad, and in-between) and hopefully inspires others.

In a nutshell, I love my family, friends, playing (and teaching) piano, singing, theater, movies, kickboxing, decorating, designing my classroom, making movies, creating items for TPT, reality TV, reading, journaling, and spending time with family and friends.  :)

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